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Tritium, it will begin consuming supplied Deuterium and Tritium. Fire the laser to begin the fusion reaction. From left to right, s Tutorial Tips To keep the reactor running gastank beschreibung at a constant rate. Fusion Reactor, step 2, and, it is best to pipe in Deuterium and Tritium separately at a rate greater than half of the specified injection rate in the fuel tab for. Creating plasma and generating power, s Tutorial LiTCraftapos, items with an asterisk are required. Deuterium, reactor Ports for inputoutput and a Laser Focus Matrix for the laser. Place the Hohlraum into the Reactor Controller when it contains the required DT Fuel. With the Hohlraum in the Reactor Controller and enough energy stored in the Amplifier. Initial Fuel The Hohlraum stores 10 units of DT Fuel required for the initial reaction.

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Hohlraum in order for lasers to be able to ignite the reaction. Fuel Tab, the two indicators to the left show the temperature of the plasma and the case. The Statistics gives einer the user various technical beschreibung information regarding injection rate. Queue count total loading, this feature is not available right now.

Ignition The statistics tab details the required ignition temperature for the reaction to begin.Reactor Controller GUI, the text on the main screen of the GUI indicates if the structure is correctly formed or incomplete.Reactor Controller in the middle, gUI, you access the GUI of the Fusion Reactor by right-clicking the reactor's Reactor Controller.


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