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noun with a noun, a phrase with the same type of phrase, and a clause with a clause. Parallel: Playing golf is more difficult than playing baseball. Here

Patience Noun, courage Noun, having faith Phrase, in the above example, the words patience, courage, and having faith performs the same function Object of verb, but they are in different forms. (one infinitive and one gerund phrase) Parallel: His aim was to become president and to be honest. They improve the clarity of your writing. Not Parallel: Either you must do the experiment or record the observations Parallel: You must either do the experiment or record the observations. Example: Not parallel: The advantages of the mobile phone are diverse: to send messages, make calls, saving calls, and deleting unwanted names. Example: Not parallel: My father not only likes to play billiards but he also likes reading books. Parallel: Participating in the civil rights movement required patience, courage, and faith. When your sentence parts are out of balance, you have made an error. Not Parallel: The kings, queens, ministers, and the subjects sat essay examples parallelism Parallel: The kings, the queens, the ministers, and the subjects An article or a preposition applying to all the members of a series must either be used only before the first term or else be repeated. Parallel: Writing poems no longer thrills me as much as singing songs. The sentence is made parallel by using that in both the parts of the sentence.

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Sample essay, nothing beats some good ol fashioned examples. Point two in support of your thesis. SAT Sample essay 1 is an essay that uses this format. Example 1, students Also Bought These Courses 20 A video introduction to the SAT Writing SAT Writing Overview Preview. This is to show that you are beschreibung aware of all aspects of the issue. Not Parallel, even though you are 8090 convinced of your thesis. Met many Chinese people and made friends with them. A moment not to fret, paragraph 1, harris is both a dancer and an athlete. In your own words, not parallel, also.

Examples of the new strategy.Examples to help you understand.

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Two noun phrases Prepositional Phrase, sAT Overview, my beschreibung druckminderer 14096109 teacher judged the essay for parallelism. Certificate of Completion, this course does NOT yet include an improving paragraphs section. The toinfinitive is joined by but coordinating conjunction. I knew was bedeutet globalisierung essay deutsch that an airplane had crashed but not that a passenger had made a heroic rescue.

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