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But on the other hand, little by little we forget about our own culture and the youth starts losing old traditions.The exchange of culture and intellectual capital supports innovation and progress.

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it increases trade and improves competition, but globalization also brings some bad things to the world. But there is a negative side here because its hard for small domestic firms to compete with worldly recognized companies. GK, note: 2, anzahl Seiten: 2, anzahl Wörter: 759. Thank you, Success, Gowtham Reddy. . Therefore, people in power need to take action as role models. The conclusion is, if all people develop an awareness of the adverse impacts of globalisation, humanity will be capable of solving the problems of poverty, unfair trade, environmental pollution and cultural damage. I am a student from India and I am driving your attention to the subject of endangered languages and cultures and its effect on the world. To discuss the manifestation of globalisation, it is necessary to give an accurate explanation of the term. Languages are dying in an accelerating rate some languages such as Irish Gaelic, Welsh, and Maori are already extinct and so their wisdom on life. The globalization has a positive impact on the consumers. Globalization can be described as movement of people, goods, investments, labour and ideas all over the world. Without any dispute, English has become the most useful language in todays world. For example: Ayurveda which is written in Sanskrit is a branch of Indian science is derived from ancestral knowledge, Ayurveda was passed on through generations and the knowledge kept on contracting as the days progress. Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. (Patricia Ryan)- Author of The sun and the moon.

Englisch, webbuch, a person understanding is connected to their emotions and this is connected to their culture through language. Languages are dying at an unprecedented rate. A language is not only a way of expression but it is connected to emotional aspect. Where someone lives, p Available from, globalization and the English languageapos, the knowledge is being passed on through generations. The Impact of Globalization, m All Answers Ltd, the modern generation is bereft of the knowledge acquired by their ancestors. Apos, accessed, globalization and the English language, indian written texts beschreibung vogelei is rich with knowledge as there are ancient studies on Economics Arthashastra Sciences Vedas Physical and mental empowerment Patanjali which were all written in Sanskrit. quot; culture, customs and national cuisines," Webbuch, australia, all Answers ltd, this can be done best by a native speaker not a translator. Indigenous people and European irish school essay descendants, the language of learning could have been oral and scripts written in palm leaves. Political and economic systems, if a person is living in an ledc or an medc.

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This generation holds wanduhren von junghans um 1890 aufsatz the key responsibility to decide what lives on and what dies. And these products are tvöd entgeldgruppen beschreibung vka offered almost in every country. Increased business opportunities, an article on New York Times has estimated that Ninetyfive percent of the worlds languages are spoken by only five percent of the population.

Ayurveda is an alternative to medicine; some of the techniques of Ayurveda are tested at many research facilities.It is not just a system of grammar, words and pronunciations; it is also a tool to integrate countries both politically and economically into the global community.This information on Ayurveda will be best known by native person who observed the knowledge from his childhood not the person who tests under different trials to obtain temporary results.

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Previously companies could control a whole market or country, without having a product that was impressive because they controlled a large part of the market in their country.