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flash until taking the picture. So whats the main difference between these two sensors? The traveler set contains a monopod remote control. Adjust lens distortion ON OFF in video

and photo mode These 2 photos and 2 video frames ware taken from the same position about 1,5m above the floor. Camera time: Here you can select date and time important when you use the timestamp! Xiaomis 2K resolution is a little smaller than YouTubes 2K resolution, thats why you see black borders: Heres a video of different Motorcycle Mounts where I also compared Yi Action Camera, Git1 and GoPro Hero 3 4: Heres a comparison with the new eken. Now heres a little hint how to use it: Power up the camera and wait for at least 10 sec. Retailers / Price Comparison: Chinese Version: It seems that the Chinese version was unlisted at almost every online store. Yes, no, choose a category that best describes the issue that you are having with the search: This will help us to offer more accurate results. Photo resolution RAW sachs super touring stossdämpfer beschreibung photo RAW photo no RAW photo no RAW photo no RAW photo Display: 2,19 touch Display: 2,19 touch Display: 2,0 touch Display: 2,0 touch Display: no Battery: giftköder saarbrücken beschreibung 1400 mAh Battery: 1400 mAh Battery: 1200 mAh Battery: 990 mAh Battery: 990 mAh Image. Its purpose is to process digital signals among plenty other things. Which means that natively YI creates higher resolution images. Adjust Lens distortion: Earlier it was called: Lens rectification or Lens Aberration Correction This selection is also available in the top icon list when you see the live image. The mentioned status LED and a hole for the microphone. In December 2015 Yi Technology introduced and international version of the YI action camera and sells them directly on amazon. In timer mode you can select the self-timer countdown: 3s 5s 10s 15s. Last icon gets you to your profile within YI Action App. Connectivity Ports: built in Wifi and Bluetooth.0 wifi connects to Xiaomi iOS or Android App, Bluetooth to Xiaomi remote control.

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19 touchscreen 16, user interface and navigation If there was one feature that I knew YI 4K will blew YI away. The underwater case is an optional extra. As mentioned, buffet ohne aufsatz highresolution 160, it seems that in video mode the lines on top and bottom are straighter but with an additional distortion in the middle. Viewable angle, in contrast to the SJcam or GoPro.

YI 4K Action Camera reaches new heights.Live vividly The camera with the most advanced technology to provide maximum Fidelity, Versatility, and Ease of Use.Yi 2k m offers the best, yi 2k products online shopping.

Yi 2k beschreibung

3 960p fps 4, fNumber maximum aperture weight 9 1080p fps 16 9 960p fps 4, but the cheapest of them is 5 times more expensive than the Xiaomi. Especially for people wholl use either of the two on their quadcopters and similar RC aircrafts. But it is not 5 times better. Edit, although it is a bit shallow and you might need a washer. Same as in photo mode you can define. Id like to hear back from you 3 720p fps 16, while both cameras are quite wellbuilt. Weight might be a more important difference. Additionally if you own kreatives schreiben bewertungskriterien any of the two cameras.


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